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Coloured Driveways Hobart

Tired of looking at the same boring shade? Do you think it’s time for an upgrade? Do you plan to improve the overall look of your space using colours?

With Pro Driveways Hobart, we will provide quality colour concrete for your residential or commercial properties. We will turn things around and make your lifeless driveway look as joyful as it could be. Our skilled professionals produce attractive colours by mixing oxides to concrete mixtures. This results in permanent beautiful colours and, with the unlimited options, there are many possibilities. We can create whatever style you have envisioned for your driveway. 

Here at Pro Driveways Hobart, we are confident to say that we will bring you the end result that will satisfy you for the decades to come. So, if you need help improving your driveway, Pro Driveways Hobart is here to extend our services.

Discover the Appeal of Colour Concrete in Hobart

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We are Hobart’s leading provider of coloured concrete. With years of extensive experience, our team of skilled individuals has the necessary knowledge and prime expertise needed to finish every project on time every time. Pro Driveways Hobart will guarantee beautiful and high-quality work that you will surely love by the end of each project. With our excellent customer service, you will never regret having us build and install your driveway or patio for you.

Maintenance of coloured concrete driveways in Hobart

Coloured concrete can easily be maintained by way of sweeping the driveway and using water with detergent to hose dirt down.  This will prevent dirt from building up. When you clean, you must also check your driveways for cracks as this has to be fixed right away. This is to avoid chemicals or moisture from penetrating the surface as it may cause the breakage of your driveway.

Resealing of the coloured concrete driveway must be done every two years if your property is exclusively for residential use. However, if you own a commercial property in the heavy industry, and if it is located in a busy road or somewhere with extreme weather conditions, resealing must be done more frequently to maintain the beauty of the driveway.

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